Monday, April 27, 2015

Sandvine Rates North-American OTT Services

HBO Now and  colleagues  on Apple TV
A recent post by Dan Deeth Sandvine's blog shows how the recent HBO recent OTT service, HBO NOW, did compared to the other popular services. "HBO NOW .. is distinct from HBO’s other streaming platform HBO GO in the sense that you can purchase an HBO NOW subscription without the aforementioned television package"

But first we need some DPI: ".. Even though the service went live in the middle of last week, Sandvine was able to provide our customers with a software update on Friday that allowed them to not only measure the service, but more importantly be able to do so in time for the launch for the new season of HBO’s most popular show Game of Thrones.

So what impact did Game of Thrones and HBO NOW have? Below is a snapshot of traffic mix from one fixed network located in the eastern United States taken at 9:30PM .. This is one network, on one day, and Internet traffic does fluctuate, so it is important to not take these figures to be representative of North America:

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

CENTRI: Trials in LAT Show 35% Mobile Bandwidth Savings

CENTRI announced they have "..completed successful trials in Latin America proving that its BitSmart™ solution can help operators with an average of 35% savings on mobile bandwidth costs.

The trials included CENTRI’s BitSmart image and video optimization solution, which is the most advanced, and adaptable media optimization, delivery and policy enforcement solution in the industry. It provides the broadest capabilities coupled with superior performance and scalability to reduce network congestion caused by streaming video/audio, web content and application downloads while balancing network performance/costs with quality-of-experience". 

"The trials encompassed the testing of transcoding, caching, pacing and using patented optimization techniques while measuring entry data and exit data. CENTRI took various samplings showing the entry data, the exit data and amount saved through BitSmart. The testing produced impressive optimization results, including a few instances where specific data types experienced more than 70% savings, producing an overall average savings of 35% throughout the entire testing exercise. A chart of the optimization savings can be viewed below". 

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