Friday, July 31, 2015

Allot Offers NFV-Based TDF and Security Functions Over HP's OpenNFV

The Journey to NFV
Source: HP (here)
Allot Communications announced its participation in the "HP OpenNFV Partner Program ..  As part of the program, Allot will be offering its virtual Traffic Detection Function (vTDF) [see "Allot Enhances DPI Gateway with Standard TDF" - hereand security services on the HP OpenNFV platform. The integration demonstrates service enablement and delivery for virtual security services that are deployed over the HP OpenNFV cloud environment platform. Following the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) evolving standards, Allot’s vTDF together with Allot’s Element Manager (EM) enables dynamic creation and management of pre-integrated security services such as Allot’s DDoS protection and content-filtering.

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..Allot’s integration with HP OpenNFV components such as HP NFV Director and HP Helion enables onboarding of Allot’s virtual solutions in the HP ecosystem environment. This transition from proprietary equipment installed in a specific topology location to Virtual Network Functions – that can be distributed throughout the network and uniformly managed – enables operators to:
  • Simplify and automate service deployment, provisioning and configuration
  • Add elasticity to the network for more fluid and efficient allocation of resources
  • Leverage distributed cloud infrastructure to implement complex use cases with ease
  • Reduce time-to-market for consumer and business services"

See "Allot Communications Offers Robust Security Services on HP OpenNFV Cloud Platform" - here.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Amdocs CEO: "Network Optimization Business is Slow"

In the past two years, Amdocs entered a new space of managing networks' traffic  by acquiring two companies - Celcite (2014, $129M, here) and Actix (2013, $120M, here). See also "Amdocs Integrates RAN Management and Optimization Solutions" - here.

Was this a successful move? 

Amdocs Q3 (June 30) earning call (revenues of $908M, here) provides some insights into Amdocs' network business: 

Question by Amit Singh - Jefferies: " .. you have previously highlighted network optimization as one of the avenue of growth. And I believe a few quarters ago you had even said that it could be about $100 million plus revenue this year. So just wanted to get a sense of how that business or the growth in that business is playing out and what is your expectation going forward from here?"

Answer by Eli Gelman [pictured], President and CEO, Amdocs: "So network software in general, including network optimization, is moving along well. Its lumpy, because the deals there are not so smooth I would say in terms of the deals, the deal flow, not the execution.

So we see progress. We actually expanding the offering, so it’s not only specific in the network optimization, it's not only around that product that we acquired we are now talking about more services, a broader view of the problem, not only the red optimization other network optimization as well. And as we are talk about that we are also trying to make our first moves into the network visualization which is the even the bigger potential in this network software space.

But it’s slow, its – we are executing on some development, we have some dialogue with some customers. But these are completely new topics. So the ones that we have already are progressing well. The new ones are a big unknown. And what we are learning is that it is lumpy as many other projects" 

See "Amdocs' (DOX) CEO Eli Gelman on Q3 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript", by SeekingAlpha, here.