Friday, August 29, 2014

Elitecore Offers Integrated PCC @ $500K/100K Subscribers

Elitecore Technologies announced ".. Pre-integrated LTE RCM an end to end platform comprising; OCS, PCRF, Convergent Billing, Customer Management, Provisioning, Business Analytics and Selfcare Portals for LTE operators at USD 500K for 100,000 subscribers. 

..The platform comes with Integrated Policy and Charging solution enabling launch of innovative plans & services on day one. A centralized product catalogue with Policy, Billing enables quick designing and readiness for new plans and packages and meet dynamic market changes faster than competition. Inbuilt business analytics provides subscriber insights and usage/ plan trend analysis to launch advanced revenue generating plans.

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The platform is available on premise or as cloud and virtualization ready. It can be scaled seamlessly to support 10 Mn subscribers and meet the growing demands for future services like HD Video, VoLTE and facilitate the provisioning & management of large subscriber base at reduced operational cost and resources.

Operators can launch various use cases including Shared wallet/family plans ,Day / Event pass, URL/Application/OTT based charging, revenue sharing, ToD based charging, Bill-shock Prevention, unlimited data, Tiered FUP, Turbo-boost/BoD, Time/Device based plans etc"

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Procera - $5M Order by European MSO; Replaces Existing Vendor

Procera Networks announced "$5 million in initial orders from a Tier 1 European MSO that represents the second largest initial customer orders in company history. Procera was selected primarily due to its Subscriber Experience solutions that enable the multi-system operator (MSO) to deliver high quality broadband services even during times of heavy congestion. 

The Service Plan Assurance solution offered by Procera demonstrated a superior ability to pinpoint subscriber experience issues and resolve them in real time. Most of the revenue from the initial orders is expected to be recognized in the second half of 2014.

This MSO conducted extensive field testing of competitive products to replace the incumbent vendor. Procera was able to demonstrate all of the use cases that were requested by the customer using real traffic at high performance levels with all functionality activated in the PacketLogic solutions. Procera was also able to show superior visibility into the services running on their network through the use of its Insights analytics tools that leverage data from PacketLogic products deployed in their network"

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